TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Early voting has started for a number of funding requests from several Magic Valley school districts. According to the Twin Falls County Clerk's Office, early voting started on February 27, and will continue until Friday, March 10, at 5 p.m. After  early voting ends people will be able to vote on March 14.

There are several schools that will be on the ballot in Twin Falls County:

Cassia Joint School District-Plant Facilities Levy

Castleford Joint School District-General Obligation Bond

Hansen School District- Supplemental Levy

Twin Falls School District-Supplemental Levy

Other school districts:

Gooding Joint School District-Supplemental Levy

Jerome Joint School District-Supplemental Levy Election

Picture by Bill Colley.
Picture by Bill Colley.

Voting in Idaho's March 14, 2023 Elections

According to the Twin Falls County Clerk's Office, registered voters can ask for an absentee ballot if they are not able to vote in person during early voting or on election day, March 14. Voters can ask for an absentee ballot from the county they live in, check with county clerks office (some counties do not have anything up for election). Twin Falls County has absentee ballot applications at the Clerk's office at Twin Falls County West, 1st Floor, 630 Addison Ave West. Ore available at Applications for an absentee ballot must be submitted no later than March 3, at 5 p.m.

You Need Personal Identification to Vote in Idaho


Voters will need to show an approved form of personal identification on election day or during early voting. Those approved are:

  • passport, ID card with photo
  • tribal ID with photo
  • Idaho driver's license or ID card issued by Idaho Transportation Department
  • student ID (current) with photo from high school, university, college, or technical school
  • Idaho concealed carry license

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