If you have driven around Twin Falls or the Magic Valley you may have seen a pirate hanging around 5 points or other intersections of town. Magic Valley Jak Sparro has become a beloved figure around town and his goal is to steal your heart not your booty.

The character started off as a Halloween costume that turned into a life of it's own. Gathering items from thrift stores and discounted Halloween accessories, Magic Valley Jak Sparro came to life. The pirate started dressing up more and more in 2017 and he created a new profile on Facebook so people could tag him and share photos.

After gaining traction from dressing up as the pirate on his friends boat Magic Valley Jak Sparro and gaining a little social media traction, Jak Sparro saw a post online of a girl asking for people to hold signs on the Perrine Bridge in memory of her friend who had committed suicide.

From then on you could see Jak Sparro holding various signs of encouragement for the community. Recently, with the COVID 19 pandemic, he can be seen with signs saying things like "We will get through this" in hopes to spread some light and smiles throughout the community.

Yo ho me harties. #quarantine #piratelife

Posted by Jak Sparro on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Jak Sparro declined to give me his real name and that is ok. As he said, "A little mystery makes it that much better". I have to admit the pirate made me smile. If you want to follow him on social media click here.

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