There are a lot of "best of" lists. It's not news to hear someone claiming that you can get the best food somewhere. But, a major website thinks it knows where the best pizza in the country is. And, even better, one of the top 20 places is in Boise.

The website in question is Foursquare. According to them, Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise is THE place to go for your pizza fix. Why? Their user ratings of Flying Pie Pizzaria average a 9.0 (guessing that's out of 10). User Karyn Blanchard said this:

Get the Samoan with the Hot Blonde beer and draw a sweet picture for them while you're at it! You won't be sorry!

I've never drawn a picture while eating pizza, but apparently that's a thing in Boise. The one thing I know that I do love are the pizza hats. Check em out.

Have you ever tried the Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise? If so, can we have one of the hats?