There is a great realignment underway in Idaho government.  The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman clarified it last week during an appearance on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  He believes the composition of the Idaho House of Representatives is the most conservative we’ve ever witnessed.  It was the result of several new faces winning primaries and on Election Day last year.

The Senate remains a more hidebound institution than the House.  It has fewer members and many are older Republican Party stalwarts.  Still, if we see a flurry of retirements coming before 2022, it’s very possible the composition of the Senate will take on an even redder constitutionalist hue when session opens in 2023.

We’ve seen the House send strong warnings to Idaho’s education establishment.  At both the college and public school level.  Idaho’s mostly conservative taxpayers are fed up with funding leftist indoctrination of our young.

Then the House moved against local governments disrespecting our God given liberties.  If the Senate and Governor would adopt the same legislation, the state could block localities from instituting mask mandates.  I’m for local control but admit I find myself with the House majority on this bill.  It’s because the Mayor of Mountain Home last year was telling his constituents he planned to have police intervene if a neighbor dropped by your place for a visit.  In America this is happening!

Oh, and we had a woman arrested at a playground for violating the draconian orders in her city.  Check out this link from the Washington Post.  It explains we’ve known throughout the pandemic being outside wasn’t a public or personal threat.  Message for the local tin pots:  You’ve got some explaining ahead!

One last point.  House members from Districts 24 and 25 in the Magic Valley have voted with Democrats on these bills.

Below is Republican Representative Karey Hanks from East Idaho.  The bill ending mask mandates is her work.

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