Are you feeling lucky? Well, are ya? Because if you are, both the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries are over 400 million dollars each. You can't win unless you play right?

Right now the Powerball lottery is at an impressive $410 million dollars which is the highest is has been since March of 2019.

The Mega Millions is even higher sitting at $432 million dollars. That is an impressive chunk of change and what a way to start 2021, if you won anyway.

I am not a big gambler, growing up in Vegas kind of got it all out of me. That being said, Nevada you can't play Mega Millions or Powerball in the state, you have to travel outside of the state to get tickets so I am ALL for buying these lottery tickets.

I won't hold my breath though because the chance of winning either is right around 1 in 300 million odds. I mean, someone has to win it, or a couple people, which I would be find with sharing with.

And I swear this is the year to win the lottery, you have an excuse to wear a mask all the time and you don't have to release your name. I would fall off the face of the planet if I won that kind of cash.

The next drawing is Tuesday, January 5th and Wednesday January 6th. Good luck

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