Trump wanting to build a safety border wall between Mexico and the United States isn't new but his latest border plan is bringing about new worries for some. According to NBC News, President Trump has expressed plans to shut down the border if Mexico doesn't do more to stop immigrants from coming to the border. That shut down would affect more than just Mexicans, it would also put a hindrance on imports from Mexico into the US. That means your fruits and vegetables from Mexico won't arrive on American store shelves. NBC News writes that around half of the fruits and vegetables imported to the US come from Mexico.

They also point out that since the avocado season hasn't begun yet in California that virtually 100% of avocados come from Mexico and within three weeks we would run out. Facebook comments are quick to point out that avocados are a huge part of the latest Keto diet trend and a lack of them would have huge impacts on dieters. Others argue that safety is more important than avocados.

The border shutdown would also affect legal border crossings along with food imports. American companies could also see trouble from the shutdown if they normally export their product to Mexico, like refined fuels.

Whether random or timely, Hasbro announced in an AFD prank that they are killing off Mr. Potato Head and replacing him with a very hipster Mr. Avo Head.

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