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By the time we get to Caucus Day, it’ll likely all be over.  Nikki Haley may be long gone if Donald Trump wins in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  At some point, the big donors behind her campaign will decide it’s time to stop feeding a dead horse.  The field has winnowed quickly.

Six months ago, the conventional wisdom was Trump had a strong hand, but not as strong as he’s played in recent weeks.

We could be showing up for a caucus with multiple names on the ballot but with only one viable candidate.  Idaho has 32 GOP delegates to name for the Republican National Convention.  That’s a fraction of the 12 hundred plus needed to snare the nomination.  Super Tuesday follows the Idaho vote by three days.  That should put Trump over the top.

Idaho could restore a Presidential Primary for 2028, but legislators have three years to complete the mission.

I plan to attend the caucus no matter what transpires over the next several weeks.  I’ve never been to one before and as a political junkie, I want to witness the event.  Remember, if there had been a primary, it could’ve fallen in May (when we’ll see state offices on the ballot).  May is out of the question if March is too late to have a say in the process.

As for those who claim (some of them are Republicans) that Trump can’t win a General Election, there are multiple candidates on the independent and third-party lines.  Oh, and Trump is the only major party candidate not living in a vegetative state.

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