So far officials don’t have many answers following a search by investigators on Monday of the Moyle Mink and Tannery in Heyburn.  The Times News reports that State and federal wildlife and immigration officials searched Moyle Mink and Tannery but it’s not immediately clear why.  U.S. Assistant Attorney Mike Fica in Pocatello that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service investigations typically involve the Lacey Act, which combats the trafficking of illegally acquired wildlife. Fish and Wildlife officials were joined by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and fish and game officers from other states. Fica said search warrants were executed Monday at the main office on 21st Street in Heyburn  and at another location north of the office.  So far no charges have been filed.  Although Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were present during the search officials say there was no immigration aspect to this case.

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