Mitt Romney is a bit of a chameleon.

He won’t even give Moore the benefit of the doubt

As a candidate for President in 2008, he sold himself as a conservative and defender of traditional values.  In 2012, he botched an election that was his to win.  In 2016, he undercut his party’s nominee.

As a Republican, Romney is fair game for debauched liberal media.  Pravda-on-the-Potomac, known as the Washington Post, assailed Romney 5-years-ago because he may have been mean to a classmate 40 years before the campaign.  The classmate grew up, became an alcoholic and died young.  The premise was Mitt was to blame.  You would think Romney would have some compassion for religious conservatives suffering afflictions-of-the-media.

Nope.  Not Mitt.  He still has an apparent need to curry favor with liberal newspaper editors.  Today, he’s demanding Roy Moore drop out the U.S. Senate campaign in Alabama.  He won’t even give Moore the benefit of the doubt.  Mitt wonders why so many voters view him as a wimp and a pantywaist!

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