(KLIX) – Conservation officers from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game removed a mountain lion from a public park recently in Franklin County.

The mountain lion was first detected on July 18 by the German shepherd of a landowner in the small community of Banida. The dog was “acting antsy,” according to its owner who was bailing hay on property near a 3-acre park. Apparently, according to Fish and Game, the big cat got spooked by the bailing, jumped a fence to the park, and climbed up a tree.

The landowner reported the incident to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, which then contacted Fish and Game. When conservation officers arrived, they found the 18-month old male mountain lion about 20 feet up a tree. Additional Fish and Game personnel were called to tranquilize the cat.

“Once sedated, the lion was fitted with a radio collar and ear tag, and placed in a crate with ice packs to ensure a safe and comfortable transport in the summer heat,” the department said. It did not say where the cat was relocated, only that it was “released to a remote southeast Idaho location.”

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