BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-A jury found a Boise man guilty of first-degree murder last week for the 2020 death of his four-month-old son. The Ada County Prosecutor's Office announced 25-year-old Thomas Rowley was found guilty March 16, following the six hour deliberation by the jury. Rowley will be sentenced in May and could face up to life behind bars.

Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts said in June of 2020, Rowley had violently shaken the child, Milo, and dropped him face down in his crib and didn't seek medical attention for four hours. The child suffered a fatal brain injury and later died at an area hospital. “I greatly appreciate the time and attention the jury put into this lengthy trial. And finally, I am thankful for the tireless work of my trial team, the numerous Boise Police Detectives assigned to this case who did a thorough investigation, and all of the medical experts involved who are dedicated professionals doing difficult work. These partnerships are incredibly important to ensuring our ability to obtain justice for child abuse victims," said Prosecutor Bennetts.

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