I received a brief email today.

While walking through Walmart I noticed a young man with a tattoo of a crown on the right side of his neck. I looked it up and he is a member of the Latin Kings gang. This was in Jerome.

The gang he references was founded 70 years ago in Chicago, by American citizens.  It was known early on as a prison gang, designed to protect the big house from gang members.  There may be some members living in the Magic Valley.  There may also be some posers, the wannabees.

That’s what makes this all so confusing, and I believe some people in power want it to remain that way.

After a recent crime in Twin Falls, I asked why we never hear if the people arrested are here illegally.  Local police don’t engage in that question.  They arrest people who cross the line here, and not along the southern border.  But people want to know.  It better informs them on one of the main political questions of the day.  If the guy arrested is a fifth-generation Idahoan, understood, but if he came here from El Salvador, Uzbekistan, or France, and came illegally, then I believe this should be a public record.

Local governments often downplay (or outright lie) about gang activity, the level of crime, and the people who break the law for a variety of reasons.  They don’t like being called racist.  They don’t want to discourage businesses from opening here.  They’ve got buddies making a living off open borders.  Sometimes we’re told we don’t need a public panic.  Excuse me, but if the Mayor isn’t frantic, then why would I be in meltdown?  Are the politicians created a more learned class by God?

I’ve been following the election results from Europe.  The main cause of the upheaval is out-of-control immigration.  The government has been ignoring the concerns of voters.  There’s a breaking point, and we aren’t immune to the laws of nature and politics.

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