Some claim the Friday terrorist attack in Paris was actually staged by government security forces.  It’s called a “false-flag attack”.  The name comes from the days of high-seas pirating when often to confuse another ship prior to attack a pirate or privateer would fly the flag of another navy.  In cinema there is an example in the Star Trek film Wrath of Khan as the Khan character and his crew hijack a Federation vessel and draw in the Enterprise.

I’m a somewhat regular reader of Paul Craig Roberts, a long ago government apparatchik now gone freelance.  He writes here there would be precedent for just such an attack in Paris.  Among conspiracy buffs this makes sense because it allows governments to promise more security in exchange for a decrease in personal liberty.  The theory gets a lot of traction when you realize there is a lot of Chinese Politburo envy at all levels of government.  Many, many years ago I was at a news conference where local elected politicians, including the Sheriff, explained they had sat on some information about a killer because they didn’t want to cause a panic.  Raising my hand and being acknowledged I asked why they didn’t panic.  There were confused looks and I had to rephrase the question.  “What in your personal character prevents the panic you envision among others?”  Two decades have passed and I’m still waiting for an answer.

Roberts is on to something but I’ve got a slightly different take.  You don’t need the collusion and planning of government security forces.  As I wrote yesterday the Islamic State publicly announced its intentions to send fighters to the west in waves of refugees fleeing Asia and Africa.  Governments claim people can be vetted even though many in refugee camps have no papers.  That would be no record of births, hometowns, religious and/or party affiliations.  The simpletons among the mid and low-level bureaucrats argue the other refugees can rat out terrorists.  Unless of course the terrorists look like everyone else or have threatened to slice the throats of rats or the rats are sympathetic to ISIS, all of which are possibilities.

Knowing full well they were inviting disaster the leaders of Europe and English speaking North America put out the welcome mat.  A friend has often shared something with me he calls the Hegelian Dialectic:  Create the problem.  Amplify the problem.  Provide the intended solution.

As I currently reside in Idaho, a prime resettlement ground, I believe my fears of personal safety aren’t paranoia.  A newspaper writer told me some months ago I was being whacky.  “It’s not like the Muslims are out mustering in the sage brush,” he scoffed.  Really?  And just how many brigades were needed to paralyze France?  How dang dumb do they think we are?

Terror doesn't need brigades.
Terror doesn't need brigades.

As for mid-level bureaucrats and elected politicians who are “only following orders” or who’ve got “no control over a federal plan” we can only ask what you’re getting in return.  Who pulls your strings?  If political courage wasn’t extinct you would expect someone to stand up and shout, “Stop!”  As I’m still waiting for an answer 20 years later on where I can buy a politician’s supply of panic protection I’m not expecting much from the latest crop of elected dupes.  Your personal safety is your own responsibility.  Your local gun shop can meet your needs.

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