Where are the local refugees from Syria?  Sometime last month the place I now call home in Idaho was scheduled to have another 300 new citizens join me in the westward migration.  I suppose they arrived quietly and without fanfare and for good reason.  There is serious tension among the locals who believe some of the Syrians, mostly Muslims, could be terrorist plants or at least have terrorist sympathies.  Elected politicians, newspaper editors and business owners profiting from the new arrivals allege the opposition is based in ignorance and rank bigotry.  Now we have an example out of Paris, France and it made me shudder last night and this morning as I read the details of the mass attack.  More than one hundred dead and many more injured and all of it caused by no more than seven or eight men and boys out of hundreds of thousands of refugees.  A couple of headlines lead to stories about a Greek official saying one of the killers was processed through a Greek island from Syria several weeks ago.

Carnage in the French Capital. Sky News & KLIX Library.
Carnage in the French Capital. Sky News & KLIX Library.

Why should we be at all surprised?  ISIS didn’t exactly make it a secret.  In the bluster of an organization confidant in its mission and confidant its god is behind the mission the Islamic State boldly put its cards down on the table and face-up.  The evil and deluded bastards look westward and see the weak elites and recognize the bankruptcy wrought by political correctness, intellectual barrenness and the abandonment of national myths.  American Presidents say their own country is no more exceptional than other lands and leaders from the two political parties insist Islam overall is a religion-of-peace.  The emperor has no clothes!  Western leaders actually believe the manure pouring forth from their mouths.  I could go into more detail on the cultural rot but better writers than me have already weighed in and I’m including some of those links at the bottom of this page.  The political response will be the same.  Yammering about how “we” are good people and compassionate and better off because of the diversity we welcome (with no evidence to buttress the diversity claim).  As Erick Erickson argued this morning you can expect President Obama to start blathering about the Crusades.  I wasn’t involved in that mess.  I was studying for a biology exam.

What we need are some modern day Churchills.  Or Thatchers or Reagans.  Frankly, there are just two political leaders currently with a clue about how you deal with vermin.  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  Putin is criticized for backing Assad in Syria but knows the Syrian dictator kept a tight lid on the death cult ravaging the Middle East and now spreading like a pandemic across the globe.  A disease welcomed because “we” aren’t the kind of people who can say no!  Speaking of no, Barack Obama and David Cameron refused when Putin approached those men 3 years ago and suggested the old World War Two alliance clean up the latest threat to civilization.

Trump says he would, “bomb the shit out of them!”  He’s denounced by the current elite pantywaists who apparently don’t know Trump is paraphrasing Curtis LeMay, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and Air Marshal Sir Arthur Travers “Bomber” Harris.  For the historically challenged those men won World War Two by sheer brute force and destruction.

I’ve a memory from when I was a small boy when I spent the first 7-and-a-half years of my life at 21 Prospect Street.  It was an isolated existence.  To reach the neighborhood you had to walk or drive across and old wooden bridge and there we and about twenty other families lived isolated from everyone else in town.  Horse pastures, a railroad and the bridge were all barriers and protection from the outside world.  We had apple and plum trees and a large garden and were somewhat self-sufficient.  One year ants took a liking to the plum orchard and there were large anthills across our large backyard.  I watched as my mother poured kerosene over a couple of the colonies and then she backed away and tossed a match.  Flames shot out of ant hills twenty and thirty feet away.  The plum threat came to a sudden and immediate end.  Mom wasn’t a shrinking violet and sure as hell wasn’t a political liberal.  She took action and saved our sustenance.

I’ve been kind to the local political class when they argue they don’t have a say in refugee matters.  Hogwash!  As for our national leaders I think they’re aware we’re currently awash in flammables due to a worldwide oil glut.  Let’s get this finished once and for all.

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