A woman once stopped me during a remote broadcast and told me we had met at her church some years before.  I expected a pleasant conversation when she blurted out, “I find you depressing!”  When I asked why she shared, it’s because I’m so often the bearer of bad news.

Look, the world isn’t perfect and burying your heads isn’t a solution.  Voices in the wilderness should be heeded.  I’m sharing three blocks from today’s edition of Top Story.  Was last Monday’s debate rigged?  Conspiracies abound but there are grains of truth in theories and plenty of evidence for a lack of trust in media.

I also delved into some economic issues in the third video.  American taxpayers are again being asked to pay the freight for others, and there are ominous signs of a worldwide economic calamity.  If you can squeeze some time from your busy schedules, you can be depressed or take some action.  The videos are below.



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