If you didn’t know this by now, whoever runs the social media pages for our National Park Service either has a great sense of humor or is just tired of humans being dumb.

The National Park Service Shared a Funny Safety Meme For Tourists

In a recent Facebook post, the National Park Service shared a picture to help tourists more safely enjoy the wildlife when visiting the parks.

The picture shared on Facebook is labeled as ‘Wildlife Safety’ and shows the good and the bad ways to interact with wild animals when you visit a National Park. The post calls out those who suffer from ‘vacation brain’ or as we call them, the tourons, for making bad decisions. Some visitors get excited when they see a wild animal and they throw all caution and common sense to the wind to get a good picture and have a unique experience. That does not make it a good idea.

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Don't Touch The Animals When You Visit Yellowstone

You should always keep your distance and never try to pet any of the wildlife at the National Parks. A few years ago the National Park Service social media genius also posted the following ‘helpful’ graphic on how to pet a bison. As you can see in the picture, you shouldn’t.

The Facebook post states 'Nature doesn't care about your vacation'. Remember when you go outdoors: stay safe and stay away.

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