KAMIAH, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife biologist have been able to narrow down the type of disease that has killed nearly 300 deer in north Idaho in the past several weeks. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced this week that tests revealed some 250 to 300 white-tail deer have died of a type of hemorrhagic disease (HD).

Since early August deer have been dropping dead in and around the Kamiah area. More tests are being done to pinpoint the specific type of virus that is causing HD and killing the animals. The public has been asked to remove any food or water sources that may attracted groups of deer to lower the risk of deer-to-deer transmission.

Meanwhile the public was told they can take deer carcasses they find on their property to a local sanitation receiving station. Because there are so many dead deer, Idaho Fish and Game said local officers cannot keep up with removal of the animals. They suggest neighbors help each other to remove the carcasses. People have also been instructed to continue reporting any dead deer they find.

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