KAMIAH, Idaho (KLIX)-Around 150 white-tailed deer have died of some sort of disease in North Central Idaho and it isn't clear what is causing it according to game officials.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials in the Clearwater region said reports continue to come in of dead deer in the Kamiah area, as of August 13. So far, tests for bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease, and adenovirus hemorrhagic disease have come back negative in the corpses tested.

People in the area have been asked to report any dead or sick deer to Idaho Fish and Game. Officials have asked people to remove food and water sources that may cause deer to congregate out of a concern that what ever is making the animals sick is spreading from animal-to-animal. Idaho Fish and Game first reported deer had been dying of some sort of illness on August 5, and began running tests. Idaho Fish and Game said it appeared to be a localized situation.

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