TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-There is a new pond to fish at within the city limits of Twin Falls. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced the public is invited to begin casting a line at a spring fed pond in Rock Creek Canyon by the RV park. The agency has been working with Twin Falls County Parks and Waterways to find a new community fishing pond for last year. Rainbow trout had been placed in the pond in 2021 to see if it would provide an adequate habitat for them. The pond was restocked again in April and will be again later in June. Eventually grass carp will be placed in the Rock Creek pond to help keep vegetation under control during the warmer months of summer. The pond will be stocked with more fish when they are available. The pond adds to a long list of community fishing ponds around the Magic Valley that includes Dierkes Lake, Filer Ponds, Crystal Spring Lake and more.

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