Spouses are expensive.  Especially on birthdays, at Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  I suppose not having one could be considered selfish.  I’ve seen those studies that suggest men live longer when they’re married.  It must be that there’s something healthy about nagging!

A new study is out and it tells us that Idaho is the number one state for singles.  It crunches data from a variety of costs and reaches the conclusion you’re much better off being alone here than any of the other 49 choices.

Life Can Be Very Quiet

You can check out the link and nobody will ask you what you’re reading, thinking or where you’ve been because you came home from work ten minutes late.

You can walk around the house all day Saturday in your underwear and you don’t get presented with a list.  When your favorite ball club is on TV you never get asked if the third baseman caught a touchdown pass.  When you’re watching Family Guy nobody keeps whining about how stupid the show is.

Nobody Polices Your Diet

No one complains about the calories in what you’re eating (and men, never, never attempt turning the same comment on a woman!)

When you go out to eat and always order a cheeseburger, nobody says you’re predictable.  You can break wind and belch and never say excuse me.

Remember, I write this as an older man.  A great many things that were important 30-years-ago aren’t critical today.  This is a family page, so you’ll have to fill in the blanks.

My list of what’s important in 2022 looks nothing like my list from 1992.  Oh, and the only people that lie to me today work in government.

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