The Art Alley in Downtown Twin Falls has been a roller coaster ride of activity over the years. With times of hiatus and times of new artwork, the alley is still changing and a new push for more art will continue to make the Art Alley more unique and beautiful.

I first heard about the Art Alley a few years ago and finally visited it to take pictures in 2020. At that time there hadn’t been any new activity or art for a few years. But that has changed recently as there is newly painted art and a cool new Love Locks installation.

Credit N8/Twin Falls Art Alley
Credit N8/Twin Falls Art Alley

This is the newest art on the walls, but you can see all the old work in the gallery below. After the gallery, you can learn about the upcoming project plans for the Art Alley.

Twin Falls Downtown Art Alley Project

Cool old art painted on the walls of an alley in Downtown Twin Falls.

Coming up on June 12-25th, a Twin Falls senior has organized an event to paint more murals in the Art Alley. Artist B. Dancy is organizing the art project and is looking for local painters and artists to contribute their ideas and talents.

Each day from 10AM to 4PM artists can either schedule a time or just show up to paint. The goal of the project is to create ‘something truly positive’ with art that inspires and shares a story.

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Artists interested in sharing their talents and bringing their imagination to life can contact the organizers through email at or Art will be shared on Instagram as it is created in the Twin Falls Art Alley and visitors can share it with the tags #artalley #artalleytwinfalls and #muralseverywhere.

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