Think the media is sneaky?  A couple of editorials I’ll share.  The Post Register, an Idaho newspaper, is railing against state Republicans.

A large percentage of a small number is also a small number.

A writer of editorials suggests the Idaho GOP is reminiscent of the old Soviet Union.  Click here and read the paper’s bile.  In one paragraph Republicans are praised for supporting transparency in government.  An adjoining paragraph snidely hammers the party for demanding transparency from its candidates.

A paragraph about a desire for a return to the gold standard tells us it’s a bad idea, “opposed by nearly all professional economists”.  What is “nearly all”?  Ninety percent?  Or is it 51 out of 100?  A large percentage of a small number is also a small number.  The paper cites a survey with pictures of a couple of dozen economists.  Tens of thousands of Americans have economics degrees.  By the way, the gold standard would likely halt deficit spending, a clear and present danger.

On the same theme, the Washington Post is predicting the world will end soon.  It cites warming oceans.  A 50 percent temperature rise isn’t much on a really cold day.  It’s a bigger number on a hot day.  Which one is it?  Have the oceans ever been warmer?  How many billions need we starve to please the editors at Pravda-on-the-Potomac?

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