If you happen to be over ten thousand feet above sea level and overlooking Jackson Hole, you can find a place for comfort food.  Wyoming’s Cowboy State Daily has the details.  An old service cabin first constructed 57 years ago, now serves waffles to tourists and ski bums.  The story explains the place was never expected to be permanent but now is so popular that there are discussions about building a larger and more modern (with more plumbing amenities) facility.

It seems waffles simply hit the spot practically at the top of the world.  While it may not be the highest place to eat on the planet, it’s said to be very close.  All I can think of adding are some Saint Bernard dogs who could carry the waffles in containers around their necks!  With a little syrup.

I’ve been to some unusual places for a bite to eat in Wyoming.  One snowy and cold December morning, just before sunrise, I stopped to buy gas at a small mountain outpost.  It was six degrees and the snow was blowing sideways.  Inside, I was able to microwave some breakfast, warm my hands and then resume my journey.

Later in the day, I lunched at a lovely café in Rock Springs.  There was a meeting of the local Red Hat Society underway.  I’ve been to a place in Jackson where a steak will set you back 75 dollars.  Or it did six years ago.  I haven’t been back to see the impact of inflation.

I want to stop at Corbet’s Cabin for waffles but with one caveat.  In July!

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