I’ve got an idea for a new segment called “Today in Liberal Land”.  Having spent a long weekend in Jackson Hole you get a pretty good idea of how liberal America will work once the conquest is complete.  A trip to an Albertson’s grocery yielded an eco-bag.  It looks like the typical plastic bag you get at most stores but is colored green and I discovered easily tears.  The bag states it’s a better alternative than paper.

Courtesy, Bill Colley.

Back east I was a devotee of Harris-Teeter and Wegman’s.  If you brought your own bags to those stores you could get a discount on groceries.  It wasn’t much but it did give you an idea on how the cost of bags was factored into food costs.  Paper is expensive.  The petroleum based plastic bags are priced much less than paper.

I’ll wager the eco-bags have a premium.  And it raises the cost of groceries for everyone.  The people who promote its use don’t worry about driving the Range Rover a little less to make ends meet but I’m sure it impacts the people who change hotel bed sheets, cash you out at the store or serve your drinks.

Yesterday I heard Hillary Clinton and Al Gore pledge to reduce the nation’s consumption of oil by one third by 2020.  Yesterday I also read where economist Harry Dent predicts oil may be as cheap as $8.00 a barrel next year.  Meanwhile the cost of wind turbines is outrageous as you can see by this link.  Who’ll have the greatest hardship when these changes are made?

Would you recognize this store? Courtesy, Bill Colley.

On another note I noticed many chain stores in Jackson Hole have expensive facades designed to please liberals who would never even shop at K-Mart.  This is a company struggling to survive and at least one store is buried behind dark wood with very little signage and what you do see is tiny.  If you blinked you would miss it and when the store closes there’ll be one less shop for the working class.  Some classic car enthusiasts were staying at my hotel and one commented at breakfast Monday he saw nothing in any of the downtown shops under 100 dollars.  In Orwell’s Animal Farm all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.


UPDATE:  I might also add liberals are hurting working class people in multiple ways and putting businesses into bankruptcy.  Check this link.