I have developed a weird new obsession. For those that know me, the weird part will not come as any surprise. Here's the deal: I can't stop monitoring planes that are currently flying over the Magic Valley.

You can blame this on a website called Flight Radar 24. They allow you to follow specific planes or areas. Here's what it looks like on a regular day.

Flight Radar 24, Google Maps
Flight Radar 24, Google Maps

This is one of those things that really shouldn't be fun, but to me it is. My family doesn't live that far from the airport, so when I hear a plane, I can jump online and see what it is.

Oh, and this is really fun for my conspiracy theory friends since you can monitor some of the flights of a mysterious NASA plane over the Yellowstone super-volcano.

I will admit that I get exceptionally paranoid every time I see a plane go over Yellowstone that is listed as "BLOCKED" instead of the plane name.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming...

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