I have lived in Twin Falls for nearly 15 years and somehow I just found out about a super cool old art project in an alley in Downtown Twin Falls. The Downtown Art Alley Project was a short-lived project, but the art remains to remind us of the talent and time that went into it.

What Is The Downtown Art Alley Project In Twin Falls?

The Downtown Art Alley Project (DAAP) was a place for local artists to display their work on the brick walls of an alley between the Ballroom (now Milner's Gate) and Benoit Law on 2nd Ave N in Downtown Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Downtown Art Alley Project

Why Did The Twin Falls Downtown Art Alley Project End?

The project started as a way for artists to show their work, but due to vandalism they were forced to cancel the project. Their website, artalley.org, now takes you somewhere else and their Facebook page hasn't had new posts since 2016.

Which Downtown Art Alley mural is your favorite? Should new artists be allowed to add to the alley work?

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We have had a lot of sloppy graffiti around Twin Falls recently so It is nice to see that there is still beautiful art on building walls.

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