The last official search for a missing Canadian man in the northern Nevada desert took place in August.  Elko County sheriff’s deputies made one last attempt at finding the remains of 59 year old Albert Chretien. 


He was last seen in March when he and his wife Rita were traveling through the area in their van headed for a trade show in Las Vegas.  Their van became stuck and Albert headed out on foot cross country to try to find help.  That was the last time anyone has seen or heard from Albert.  His wife Rita was found still at their van seven weeks after they went missing.  She was malnourished but alive.  She has since recovered.  Now, a family friend from the Chretien’s home town in British Columbia, Canada wants to organize one last search before winter weather sets in.  Hannah Hyland is looking for volunteers who would help in the search of what would now, most likely, be for the remains of her friend, Albert Chretien.  The Elko County Sheriff’s office says it was hoped that increased activity in the area from hunters might turn up something but so far that has not been the case.

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