For many years the people from National School Choice Week were regular guests on my show.  It’s a cause I vehemently support.  There’s a growing consensus that Idaho will be expanding school choice this legislative session.  It puts the decisions back into the hands of parents.  Last year, the lobbyists for school choice didn’t appear on my show.

We Have Potatoes and They Have Corn

I received a postcard, which I photographed, promoting the cause.  As you can see, instead of Idaho, there was a map of Iowa.  I emailed my contact and made a rather tongue-in-cheek wisecrack about the confusion.  I believe I suggested the mistake must have been made by a public school graduate!  There was no reply after I sent my message.  Maybe the people on the other end feared I would mock them on-air.  As I said earlier, I wholeheartedly support the cause.  This year, there wasn’t a mailing.

I guess I’ve been scratched off the list.  Can’t these people take a joke?  I shared the Iowa image with friends at work and on social media.  Everyone had a good laugh.  We’ve all had those moments when we post or send something, only later to realize we made a glaring mistake.

What We Learn From our Accidents

It should make us better.  We learn by making mistakes.  They hurt.  We remember the pain and then we try and be better the next time.

I’d like to get back on track with the people behind the event.  If Idaho broadly adopts school choice, then it may become irrelevant.  Adoption of the system could still require a couple of years before rollout.

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