Phew!!!  I was happy to hear from State Representative Chenele Dixon on this one.  I had a so-called tip this morning from an audience member that her husband had been spotted removing a sign belonging to her primary opponent.  There’s a far less sinister explanation.  The sign was on private property and the owner didn’t authorize its placement.  Mr. Dixon removed it at the property owner’s request.

It may not be big news, but it’s a bit of good news in a campaign season that has reached new lows.

Perhaps the worst of the season involved a sitting Republican Senator from the Treasure Valley.  I don’t know Tammy Nichols well.  She has been a guest on my program in the past.  I know from her associates that she’s a good mom and role model.  Then her constituents and even the Senator received anonymous text messages on their phones.  Take a look at her Facebook post!  It's creative but crooked.

The claim is a bald-faced lie.  By the time anyone has to face the music, the votes will be counted and certified.  This is outright libel.

There’s been plenty of it going around.  Just check your mailbox.  It’s filled with half-truths and lies.  How can a voter make a sound judgment?  Have you ever wondered what the end of civilization looks like?  We’re seeing one of the pillars destroyed.  This is only going to erode trust in our institutions beyond the current sad state of affairs.

What comes next?  Anarchy or totalitarianism?

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