Everyone has a group on their Facebook friends list that loves Trump and another that thinks Bernie Sanders is awesome. But, what if you don't fall into either camp? According to a new list, you should consider moving to this Idaho city.

Livability ranked all of the cities in the country to determine which one is the best for moderates. I have to admit that I was shocked to see Pocatello listed as the #2 best city in the entire country for those that don't consider themselves conservative or liberal. Why did Livability bestow this middle-of-the-road honor to Pocatello?

This somewhat complicated (but well-balanced and non-extreme) mix comes from a history of political activism mixing with a religious population.

I have to admit that I got a big laugh out of this when Livability said that most people in Pocatello would be "likely to eat Little Caesar's Pizza". So, you're telling me that conservatives eat at Papa Johns while liberals frequent Pizza Hut? Outstanding.

OK, Pocatello, I'll give you a hearty congrats for being luke-warm on politics, but we need to have a talk about that flag.

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