Bonneville County is under a mandatory mask order.  The decision was made by a lot of people who don’t live there.  Check out this link.  I should also note the website is a great source for news from our eastern counties.

I gather from their comments, mask ordinances aren’t a priority

There are eight counties under the umbrella of the Eastern Idaho Public Health District.  Along with a doctor, everyone gets a vote.  So, some neighboring rural counties are able to kneecap one of the most populous counties in Idaho.

One of the Madison County Commissioners, the story says, is concerned the order is going to be difficult to enforce.  Sheriffs across the country and in Idaho have said you’re most likely going to get a warning but I gather from their comments, mask ordinances aren’t a priority.  Now, if someone punches a store clerk, he’s probably going to get a mask citation atop an assault charge.

I did get a chance to review some pictures from Boise’s Black Lives Matter gaggle.  There were some masks among the angry mob and some bare faces.  I thought Boise was under the same rule?  I guess it’s the same as other blue cities.  If you’re out railing against the people expected to enforce wearing a mask, then you get a dispensation or somehow virus immunity.

There was also a counter protest and there were even fewer masks in that crowd, which doesn’t surprise me.  The people most readily backing law enforcement are also the most suspicious of government motives.

Bonneville County isn’t currently on my bucket list but these diktats can’t be good for business during the height of summer tourist season.

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