REXBURG, Idaho (KLIX)-A Madison County man will not be able to hunt for the rest of his life in Idaho or 48 other states following his conviction for multiple wildlife crimes. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Brayden Froehlich was sentenced Monday for illegally killing several large game animals between July and August of 2021 near Rexburg. Froehlich had already been convicted of killing a deer with a rifle during archery season and had his license suspended. Idaho Fish and Game credit a tip to the Citizen's Against Poaching hotline that resulted in the latest conviction.

Andrew Sorensen, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Andrew Sorensen, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Conservation officers charged Froehlich for killing two white-tailed bucks, three white-tailed does, a bull elk, and a pronghorn antelope. Conservation officers say the man left several animals out to waste. A Madison County District judge sentenced Froehlich to a Rider program underlined with a sentence of five years in prison sentence if not completed successfully; he also faced six years in prison for a burglary charge. Restitution will be set during a hearing in December. “Often times people fail to report wildlife crime because they don’t think that it is important, or they don’t think anything can be done,” said Regional Conservation Officer Barry Cummings in a prepared statement. “A large majority of the cases that conservation officers are able to take to a successful prosecution started with a tip from the public.” For tips to Citizens Against Poaching call 1-800-632-5999.

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