I don’t claim to be in the know but I believe Janice McGeachin is going to run for Governor.  Soon.  After she had considered a run for U.S. House of Representatives several years ago, I dropped by the restaurant she owns in Idaho Falls (the food is really great!)  I asked if she was going to reconsider and she told me she planned instead to seek the Republican Party nomination for Lt. Governor.  She had been away from elective office for a few years and there were more well-known names already eyeing the same seat.  She won a plurality among five candidates.

The 2018 General Election was simply an academic exercise. 

the Lt. Governor really annoys the newspaper wretches. She’s not deferential to Governor Brad Little

Media joined the Republican establishment in firm dislike of McGeachin.  While legacy media doesn’t like anyone not identifiable as liberal, the Lt. Governor really annoys the newspaper wretches. She’s not deferential to Governor Brad Little.  Unlike some states, he’s not her boss.  The two were elected independently.

When COVID-19 arrived, the gulch between the two became a canyon.  He favored a lockdown, crowd limits and masks.  She took a stand for individual liberty and responsibility.  No matter how hard the media has worked to sell his approach, as the pandemic dragged on she found a lot of converts.

Idaho is one of 20 states where a woman has never served as Governor.  This isn’t about conservatism.  Liberal bastions such as Minnesota, California and New York also have never elected a woman as the chief executive.

Media had a meltdown a couple of years ago when McGeachin was photographed with some members of a group liberals label a militia.  I’m not aware the group does weekend drills but it does lobby for its cause.  I’m reminded of the leftist whine whenever a Republican is elected.  “Now you have to govern for all the people,” they’ll say.  Does that include gun rights advocates?

The view she can’t replace Governor Little in 2023 no longer appears a long shot.  Click on this link.  Even some in the mainstream media have realized the state’s electorate may be ready for some major change.

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