Seriously though, why has this not been a thing already. Twin Falls is starting to get a ton of food trucks and trailers. We need to find a way to start showcasing all of them every Friday so we can start enjoying all that deliciousness on a regular basis.

Maybe not every Friday, we may not have enough food trucks and trailers just yet to support that. But maybe one Friday a month, all the food trucks and trailers should gather around in one spot, maybe like the Twin Falls City Park and you can eat all the food.

If you think about it, Twin Falls has some great food truck options that aren't always up and running and some that might be in locations you can't get to for some reason or another. If we got all the food trucks, expand it to all around the Magic Valley food trucks, and get them together in one convenient spot.

In Twin Falls we have Sarah's Hangry Hut, Creative Cravings, Tacos Dos Hermanos, but we also have Big Fatty's BBQ that usually shows up for events, Anchor has their own food truck, Bullz Eye BBQ comes around sometimes and we could try to get the Kajun Pot to come if we could.

I know that I am missing a ton of food trucks and that is kind of the point of having one spot we can check them all out at once. I don't know who we need to talk to make this happen but it needs to happen.

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