You need to be polite but also firm.  One of our Twin Falls City Council members told me this week much of the feedback on a mask mandate is in favor of the restriction.  I’m reminded of a story about the passage of concealed carry in Idaho without a permit.  Was it 2016?  Anyhow, one local Republican State Legislator voted against the idea. 

You won’t get far by making threats.

Maxine Bell was taking a lot of criticism for her decision from my audience.  One morning she joined me in studio and explained before the vote she had gotten input from only two constituents.  They were both opposed to the idea of carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.  She voted according to the feedback.

You want to influence a vote at the state and local levels?  You need to be heard.  If you’re opposed to a mask mandate, you need to contact members of the council.  Just like those who support the motion.

You won’t get far by making threats.  You’ll get an audience with a reasoned explanation of opposition.  Politicians are influenced by numbers.  They need to gauge the electorate if they plan on another term.

I’m reminded about a story I read about silence.

A man walked into a Social Security office.  He explained he was soon turning 65 and needed to apply.  A young man at the office began by asking a series of rote questions.  Had the applicant worked during the last six months?

“One day,” replied the older man.  The agent then had another question.  “How much did you earn?”  “$25-thousand dollars,” was the response from the old fellow.  The agent thought the old man was being a wise guy.  Turns out the applicant had filmed a TV commercial for a milk company.

Arthur Marx wasn’t recognized because he wasn’t wearing his trademark curly wig and trench coat.  His character, Harpo Marx, never spoke.  His voice wasn’t familiar.

You want to be heard?  Don’t be silent.

The vote is scheduled for Monday, November 9th.  You can find contact details by clicking here.

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