There are fears medical marijuana could lead to more crime and poverty in Idaho.  An organization called Idahoans for Healthy Kids and Communities formed to combat its arrival.  Medical marijuana generally arrives as a stalking horse before recreational marijuana.

There’s a shadowy outfit working to get medical marijuana on the ballot statewide on Election Day, 2020.

You can see how this could be abused and end up instead on the streets and in the hands of kids.

State Representative Jerald Raymond joined us on-air for a discussion about legalization.  The legislator from East Idaho is opposed.  He has traveled to several states where marijuana is legal, either medically or both for medicinal uses and recreational smoking.

What he’s seen isn’t pretty.  He described the fallout for our audience.  He believes legalization would do great harm to Idaho’s traditional culture.

There are some potentially powerful corporate forces behind the legalization effort.  These are companies seeing dollar signs and not necessarily concerned about the future of our children.

You can hear our discussion at the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

Opposition to any ballot measure won’t likely have the funding the pro-marijuana camp will have before November of 2020.  If you signed the petition to get the measure on the ballot and then had second thoughts, your county clerk’s office can get your name removed.

The most serious concern for opponents may be the volume of marijuana patients would be allowed to possess and grow.  Up to a quarter pound.  Growing would be allowed if you live beyond 5 miles from a dispensary.  One person could grow 6 plants for personal use, although.  The wording of the measure could allow family members to each grow another 6 plants.  You can see how this could be abused and end up instead on the streets and in the hands of kids.

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