Most of the festivals that made the list involve pumpkins, apples or some sort of fair food, but the one Idaho festival that made this list really stands out among the rest!

There are few bigger honors in the world than to be recognized by any part empire that Oprah Winfrey built, so we were thrilled to see that her magazine picked and Idaho festival for their annual list of the best fall festivals in America.  Now, before you roll your eyes and start complaining about how being on these lists will only attract more growth to the Treasure Valley...exhale, it's not a Boise event.

It's the annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival in the Sun Valley/Ketchum/Hailey area and it checks in at #16 on the list! The main draw of the festival is watching hundreds of sheep relocate to their winter pasture and they walk right down Main Street throughout Ketchum.

During the festival, there are other sheep themed events happening throughout the region like tastings of lamb cuisine at restaurants throughout the Wood River Valley, classes teaching people to make everything from scarves to stuffed animals from wool and sheepdog trials.

If you'd like to make the road trip to be part of one of the best fall festivals in the country, it starts Wednesday and continues through Sunday.  The Big Sheep Parade is Sunday at 12 p.m! If you're attending, please keep your dogs at home for the safety of the sheep and spectators.

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