If you are planning on having a New Year's Eve party you may want to find some party games to play. You have some time to kill before the ball drops so here are some fun party games that you can play while you wait.


  • HEDBANZ is a hilarious game that is great for families. You have 90 seconds to guess using only yes or no questions. Warning it can get frustrating.
  • Relative Insanity a fun game about crazy relatives. We all have one, if you don't it's probably you.
  • Exploding Kittens sounds like a super inappropriate game but it isn't. It's a card game where you try to blow each other up, nothing crazy.
  • 5 Second Rule looks like a lot of fun for families who get easily tongue tied.

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FOR ADULTS: (not family appropriate)

  • Cards Against Humanity is one of those games that has to be at every party. You definitely find out hilarious horrible things about people.
  • Disturbed Friends is a game of the hardest decisions. You get asked an impossible situation and people guess which horrible thing you would rather do.
  • Never Have I Ever you definitely find out some interesting things about people.
  • Joking Hazard is a fun way to create hilarious and inappropriate comic strips. From the people who brought you Cyanide and Happiness.

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