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I never met a pizza I didn't like.  But for one.  Chef Boyardee.  My dad would pick up a couple of them some nights after work.  It would be dinner.  It was like a cardboard disc with a smear of sauce and cheese.  I didn't know what real pizza was until I was 10 or 11.  My parents took us to an Italian restaurant like the place where Michael Corleone blows away the crooked police chief.  It was a revelation and, still.

I didn't know what real pizza was until I was 10 or 11.

I can buy some cheap pizzas at the grocery and then doctor them at home with a few ingredients from my cupboard.  Exception being rising crust.  Additions appear to mess with baking chemistry.

I was disappointed to read the country has a shortage of frozen pizzas.  The demand is sky high as people are stacking them in freezers.  Beer and pop may also come up short because the gas for the "fizz" is in short supply.  Doctors must be pleased.  Pizza, beer and Dr. Pepper aren't likely on any healthy foods list.

Here's a solution.  This Internet thing and a telephone will work.  You call one of the fine local establishments we've got or order on line.  Some will even deliver!  You get a steaming pie and it's made to your specifications.  My boss loves Maxie's.  Me too but getting back to liking almost all pizza, Idaho Pizza is also near the office.  Near my home is a place where someone will make the pizza and then allow me to take it home for baking.  Remember also, even the big chain outfits employ local people.

So, go ahead and dig in!

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