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It feels like I’ve been pent up for years.  In reality, I’ve had freedom of movement the last 6 weeks but there are so few places to go.  When I make a day trip or a longer weekend excursion, I like to stop for a bite to eat.  I’m not talking drive through or curbside pickup.  I want a table and a good 30 to 60 minutes to savoir a meal.  Then I need to see something.

Like airplanes.  Historic and current.  A few years have passed since my last trip the Hill Air Force Base Museum in Ogden.  It appears there are a few new exhibits. 

A guide told me it was known as Lady Bird’s grocery getter.

The museum has a staff of volunteers who are themselves living history books.  One of them shared the story of President Johnson’s former Air Force One.  It was small compared to the jumbo jets more recent Presidents have used.  A guide told me it was known as Lady Bird’s grocery getter.  For you young people, she was Mrs. Johnson.

Johnson also has a tie to the SR-71 Blackbird on site.  It was originally designated RS-71.  The President garbled the letters in a speech.  Nobody wanted to embarrass the man.  SR-71 it became.

I expect the museum to open soon and my trip will also include a stop in Brigham City.  In late February and early March, I planned to visit a restaurant there and it was highly recommended by friends.  There were a couple of weekends of bad weather and I postponed.  Then along came coronavirus and an even longer postponement.

Calling myself eager is mild.  I can’t wait until I get the green light.  I’ll be on the road.  Again.

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