Happy National Pizza Day y'all! February 9th is the day to celebrate one of my favorite foods of all time, pizza. I want to know where is the best place to get pizza in Twin Falls because I am going to celebrate for lunch and dinner.

We don't have a shortage of pizza options in Twin Falls and that is fantastic. I personally prefer some of the local pizza places over the chains but admittedly, a good stuffed crust pizza is hard to beat sometimes. I frequent pizza shops a lot. It really is my guilty pleasure.

There are a few places on this list that I have not tried yet and I am ashamed of myself. I did get to try Lucy's New York Style Pizzeria in 2nd South Market and I very much enjoyed it. I also love Tomato's Italian Grill, Maxie's, Idaho Pizza Company, Gerties, Pizza Pie Cafe, the list goes on and on.

I feel like each place has a great purpose and there is obviously enough people who love pizza to go around. If I really want to stuff myself I go to Gerties or Pizza Pie Cafe, all you can eat is a challenge to me. I try really hard not to over indulge too much but the options are endless and it is hard to contain myself. Bouncing from pizza place to pizza place really is an art.

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