As you all know, there’s a right way (above) to hang toilet paper and a wrong way (below).  We’ve got a fellow on staff who moved here from San Diego.  He prefers the latter.  Of course, in Oregon, they don’t have this First World problem.  The earthy types there just grab a clump of leaves.  In Montana, they’re still using old catalogs, and in Wyoming, they’ll ask, “What paper?”

I’ve seen Californians hang paper upside down for many years.  Though, I can only speak for half the population.  I don’t use the ladies room.

You would think there are bigger things to complain about in life, like drivers from Utah.  They all drive like football referees.  They don’t see anything beyond the tips of their noses.

The thing is, if you can’t hang toilet paper properly, what else is too challenging?  Now that all the smart people from the Golden State have moved here, it leaves them with only the shallowest depths of the gene pool.  Sure, it explains Gavin Newsom, but things are only going to get much worse.  I bet they brush their teeth from side to side.  I was in grade school when the dentist told me it was the wrong way.  You brush away from the gums.  Upward on the bottom and downward strokes for the upper plate.

This is the result of a public education system on the Left Coast that teaches basket weaving and being woke over simple logic.  The sad thing is, they want to spread that culture nationwide, like the transition to electric cars and legalized dope.  God help us!

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.
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