For a change, Idaho is near the bottom of one of these surveys.  We’re 33rd of 50 states when it comes to highway deaths from high-speed crashes.  I’m not surprised.  After all, when I’m driving home the folks ahead of me are usually doing 27 in a 35-mile-per-hour zone.  While Idaho has its share of speed demons on Interstates (think the guy on the crotch-rocket motorcycle and anyone with Oregon plates), we don’t have as many road rally contestants as neighboring Montana.

There was a time 30 years ago when Montana removed speed limits on some highways.  It didn’t work as planned.  The carnage from crashes greatly increased.  Unlike the German autobahn, our culture isn’t as regimented.  While I acknowledge you can drive long distances (think Route 15 after leaving DuBois, Idaho, and crossing the state line) without seeing any signs of another human being, Montana appears to still need speed.  By the way, I use cruise control so that I can see some of the great scenery (Big Sky is truth in advertising).

Wyoming is fifth.  Nevada is 15th and Utah places 16th.  The latter surprised me, because if there are any people worse at driving than those from Oregon…

Apparently, in their state, Oregonians slow down.  The survey places the high-speed death toll at 45th, and the granola-gobbling liberals in Washington State all drive like your grandparents.  Slow, but watch out because a turn signal is always on.

The figures were compiled by the Laborde Earles law firm in Louisiana from government data.

The survey shows only four deadly crashes occurred in Idaho at speeds above 80 miles per hour.  Montana’s percentage is six times higher than Idaho's.

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