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Let’s say you’re a moron and it’s your personal choice to be gored by a Yellowstone bison.  As someone told me on Facebook, we’re simply cleaning up the detritus in the gene pool.  Putting yourself in harm’s way is one thing.  Putting a child at risk is criminal.

Among the social media pages devoted to the stupid visiting the national park is one on Facebook.  The page is called Yellowstone National Park:  Invasion of the Idiots.  I guess it’s up there with the Yokels of Yosemite, Tourons of Teton, and the Brainless of Great Basin.

One of the latest posts from Yellowstone is from two weeks ago.  It shows not one, not two, but multiple dummies up close and personal with a very large bison.  One man is carrying a small child on his shoulders.  Where is child protective when you need them?  Because we can only see the man and child from behind, identification isn’t easy.

Do you remember an old Far Side cartoon where the parents have a large snake pit in the middle of the living room?  And you see a kid riding a tricycle near the edge.  Do you let your kids play in the fire?

I realize the park service is understaffed (from the viewpoint of management).  What we need is a few days where we can make an effort to arrest the biggest idiots.  Because clearly, the warnings aren’t working.  A month in jail and a hefty fine could be the start of a great awakening.  Better to be humiliated in the stocks than to see a child killed because some jackass isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

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