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Some people are surprised the United States doesn’t have an official language.  There are a handful of individual states that have taken the plunge.  The good news, nobody has overturned those laws in courts.  Idaho is one of those states where English reigns.  You can see Governor Brad Little pictured above with President Trump.

There has been a push since the founding of the Republic for an acknowledgment of English as the nation’s official tongue.  It’s the most common language by usage across the United States and no other language is even close.

President Trump may create an executive order and move government offices in the direction of English.

Any such declaration wouldn’t impact you on the streets or in your homes.  It would simply state the federal government does its transactions in just one language.  One only need look north of the border and see the costs associated when a country has more than one official language.

Opponents of the change claim a designation would be racist, although.  Language and ethnicity are clearly different things.

With Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, any change in law is dead-on-arrival.  Even a previous Republican controlled House wouldn’t act on the bill.  In the House it’s HR 997.  A companion bill, S678, is the version in the Senate.

There is a glimmer of light for backers of the idea.  President Trump may create an executive order and move government offices in the direction of English.  An organization called Pro-English has been impressing the idea on the President and he appears receptive.

I spoke on-air with the organizations Executive Director.  You can listen below for all the details.  Stephen Guschov works near Capitol Hill and has regular contact with many of the people in government who can make this happen.

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