Idaho Real Estate agent posted a video urging Californians to flee to Idaho and honestly, he isn't wrong. Now, before people start to get crazy, he explains that these are people that just want to find an affordable, fun, different place than California. They do not want to change anything. 

In the video, he explains the top 4 reasons to flee from California to the great state of Idaho. I am not saying there is anything bad about California or people from California. I truly believe we are all just people trying to make better lives for ourselves and our families.

California comes with a high cost of living, that is just the truth. Idaho has some high housing prices right now but the cost of living is not that bad. My jaw hit the floor when I found out I could register my car for two years for half the price I paid for one year in Nevada, California is even more expensive.

There is no doubt the political climate is tough. I am not going to get into that because everyone has their own beliefs. Tensions between parties are high, that might be one reason to get out of California.

There are so many good things about Idaho that the secret is out and people coming here are trying to make better lives for themselves. It is not bad. And we have a much less crime rate. We tend to be a little more laid back around here too.

I don't disagree with him. Idaho is a great place.

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