The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has announced the voluntary recall of an aerosol body spray distributed throughout Idaho and several other states. Some cans containing the spray have been tested and have been determined to contain the presence of a hydrocarbon linked to multiple types of cancer. 

TCP Hot Acquisition LLC / HRB Brands has announced the recall of select shipments of two of its brands of aerosol body spray. The recall was made public on February 16, 2022, and includes the company's Sure and Brut varieties of aerosol. The cans have an expiration date "on or before August 2023."

"Unexpected levels" of the human carcinogen benzene have been discovered in select containers of the product, according to the FDA. Benzene is a colorless liquid that is used in some petroleum and pharmaceutical products, and exposes humans through ingestion or absorption. Leukemia and other blood diseases have been linked to benzene.


This voluntary recall is of the aerosol and antiperspirant spray products only, and doesn't include roll-on sticks. Universal Product Codes (UPC) flagged in the recall include 00827755070085, 00827755070108, 00827755070177, 00827755070047, 00883484002025, and 00883484002278.

A customer care telephone line is available to call for consumers who have questions regarding the recall. If you believe you have been exposed to one of these aerosol / antiperspirant brands, call 1-866-615-0976. Full refunds should be offered from stores that sold these body sprays. No illnesses from these brands have been reported to date, and the recall is a strictly cautious effort.

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