Reclaim Idaho quickly burst onto the state political scene.  Last year the organization scored a major victory.  Nearly two-thirds of Election Day voters gave approval to expanding Medicaid.  Proposition Two’s success shocked many people and even caused some state legislators to consider revising the initiative and referendum process.

Governor Brad Little and some Republicans blocked the effort this past spring.  It may not yet be over.  We should also note most Republicans aren’t pleased by the expansion but consider the initiative process a public good. 

I’d like to propose a live broadcast forum with Reclaim Idaho and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

The education funding formula could be the next domino to fall.  Reclaim Idaho is attempting to get the measure on the 2020 ballot.

The organization’s efforts have been a blueprint for other causes in Idaho.  Medical marijuana could appear on next year’s ballot, although.  Reclaim Idaho has no connection to the marijuana effort.

The Executive Director of the organization is travelling the state and working with local organizers.  Rebecca Schroeder was a guest on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  I would describe her as committed to the cause.  She’s a native Idahoan from the rural north.

She took some of our questions and some from our mainly conservative audience.  After the half-hour segment I came to believe we should have spent one full hour on the subject.  There is tremendous public interest.  I’d like to propose a live broadcast forum with Reclaim Idaho and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  The goal would be to give voters the ideas from two opposing organizations.  This could come be quite positive before Election Day next year.   You can listen to Rebecca below:

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