(KLIX)- The Twin Falls Recycling reward plan is no more. Last night the Twin Falls City Council voted to strip the Recycle Bank out of the recycling program. City residence will still be able to recycle, there just won’t be an awards program tied to it. The Recycle Bank allowed people to build points to redeem coupons later.  Not all city council voted to get rid of the program, Councilmen Shawn Barigar and Mayor Lanting  voted to keep the rewards. Others say the rewards program, after roughly 18 months of running, as a failure. A couple councilmen and women noted that people opt not to use the rewards program but insist on recycling. It was noted that nearly 80 percent of the citizens do recycle while very few actually enrolled into the rewards program. The decision was part of a resolution that increased city sewer, water and sanitation rates. By eliminating the rewards program the council striped 83 cents out of the monthly sanitation rates per customer. The recycling rewards program should end in October. People will still be able to accumulate point up to that point. Any points people still have can be redeemed after the program ends as long as people have an active Recycle Bank account.