Had he not died 42 years ago it’s not likely Elvis would still be touring, however.  In recent years there has been a re-assessment of his talent.

Rock, country, gospel, folk, show tunes and opera.

When he died from a drug overdose one critic called it a “good career move”.  The critic was right.  Presley sold more records in the months afterward than when he was alive.

Many in the music industry considered him washed up and just mailing it in long before August of 1977.  Another 42 years have passed and now Presley is getting his due.  The man’s musical talents spanned multiple genres.  Rock, country, gospel, folk, show tunes and opera.  Presley even recorded in Italian and German for foreign audiences.

By the way, the historic photo with President Nixon contains two birthday boys.  Presley was born January 8th and the President January 9th.

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